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Just a warning about Twoo.

A very trusted friend ‘purportedly’ invited me to an application on FaceBook called ‘Twoo’.

I almost never subscribe to applications on FaceBook, but because she was a very trusted friend, I thought it might something worth joining. I was wrong!

It turned out to be a dating site and application, which seemed to be trying to get a lot of very personal information out of me, and I suspected it was trying to get hold of my friends list and emails. I seem to have nipped it in the bud before it contacted any of my FaceBook friends, but it was still very difficult to get out of. I certainly did not need a dating site or application, and I also know that neither did my friend. I am certain it got hold of her friends list and invited them all without her permission.

I went to my FaceBook applications and deleted it there, but I still got notifications from them. I eventually found my way to and after jumping through several hoops, managed to get out. I described this in FaceBook questions at

Some people have not been able to provide a password to do this.
Wilder Penfeld said “The password I needed was not my FB pw, but the one that was assigned to me in my “Welcome to Twoo!” email.”
Steinunn Halldórsdóttir said “I first had to sign in and find choose a password, but I´m out, snd happy aout it.”

I have come across some very unpleasant and spammy things on the web and this is among them. I am surprised that FaceBook has not kicked them off, but with over a million (possibly falsely enroled and unable to unsubscribe) members, I suspect FB don’t want to upset any potentially lucrative apple carts.

Sorry for sounding uncharacteristically negative, but there is a time and a place for everything. the place for Twoo is away from your accounts. Avoid at all costs!


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