Body Language

Video about how body language can change your mood, hormones and success. This is a TED Talk video on YouTube. We have always known that body language and posture can change your mood, but here is a scientific experiment that shows … Continue reading →

Delta Trance

For Deep Relaxation Sleep and Refreshment. Delta trance is a very fast and easy way to calm yourself down, relax and either go to sleep or to rest and refresh yourself as if you had slept, without actually sleeping, if … Continue reading →

Sleep Patterns

Get to sleep quickly, stabilise sleep patterns, sleep well, wake refreshed and maximise your sleep. There are many different opinions about sleeping, how much sleep we need and the best ways to get it. Some people only seem to need … Continue reading →

Energy Ball

Centre yourself for Poise, Strength, Presence, Confidence and Clarity. Look good, feel good and be stronger. This is a way to improve your confidence, clarity and to generally feel good. It also improves your poise, body language and how other … Continue reading →

Life isn’t about finding yourself

I came upon this quote today. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw I sometimes get a bit annoyed by the New Age concept of finding ourselves. Many people have wasted years of their … Continue reading →