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How to Teach your Children
And Improve Yourself!

If you are teaching a little one to read, then use the finger pointing method mentioned in the previous post about spelling. In other words, as you read to a young child, point to each word as you say it.

If you can read to your children in this way… Before school age… Then they are likely to unconsciously learn the shapes of the words, long before they can be confused with the utterly irregular rules of English phonetics. The whole shape is remembered visually and conveys the meaning directly, without having to say the word to themselves. This lack of having to say the words inside their minds as they read, allows them to be able to read much faster later on. It is even possible for them to skip the ‘reading out loud’ stage in this way.

Problems with the ‘Old’ way of learning

If you did not learn to read this way yourself, it is likely that you learned to string sounds together from the letters. You are also likely to have started reading aloud very painstakingly and will therefore have learned the habit of saying the words in your mind once you stopped actually saying them out loud.

This means that you do not remember the shape of the whole words, you rely on spelling words by putting letters to the sound and so you will be unreliable at spelling. You also slow down your reading by saying the words inside your mind. Your mind can say about ten syllables per second, so your reading speed will be capped at about 600 syllables per minute.


See my post on the NLP Spelling Strategy to improve your spelling. For speeding up your reading, you need to silence the voice inside. You also need to look at whole words instead of the spelling and then to look at blocks of words. I can coach you in this if you would like it.

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