I can take credit and debit card payments via PayPal, or direct PayPal payments, though I prefer cheque, cash, or my favourite is payment by bank transfer.

Payment by Bank Transfer

You can pay via direct bank transfer to my account.
Please call me on 01752 361576 to get the pay-in details.

You may want to make a very small test payment to me before you see me, to avoid any problems with verification if you are paying at the end of the session. I can also verify you have the right account.

Please put your initial and surname as your reference so I can distinguish your payment from others.

Cards and Payment by PayPal

Alternatively, you can pay by PayPal or by Credit or Debit Card via PayPal here.

Use the pull down menus for multiples of either 100s, Tens or Units and click the Add to Cart button by the one you have selected.

Each time you press an Add to Cart button, you will be taken to the Your Shopping Cart page on PayPal.
To add more (For instance Tens or Ones) click the Continue Shopping button to bring you back here to the payment page.

If you want to pay by card rather than a PayPal account, select the Check Out button on the shopping cart page (instead of the ‘Check out with PayPal’ button)
And then select Don’t have a PayPal account?

Your statement will show EXCELYOURSELF or EXLYOURSELF as the payee.

Payments by PayPal

Payment in £100s


Payment in £10s


Payment in £1s


View Cart Button

Once you have added the right quantities to the cart, proceed to the Check Out or Check out with PayPal buttons on the PayPal Shopping Cart page or press the View Cart button to pay if you have returned here.


If you have any problems or queeries, call me on 01752 361576 or +44 1752 361 576 from abroad.
Please, if possible, call during normal working hours or early evening.
Be prepared to leave a message if I cannot answer you in person.

Weston Mill Practice & Mailing Address:-
64 Bridwell Road, Western Mill, Plymouth, Devon PL5 1AB UK