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That’s right. I got married!
It all went extremely smoothly and we both had a fabulous wedding day.

Here you will see some wedding photos of my wonderful wife Reva (pronounced Reeva) and some of our guests at Tavistock Town Hall and at our reception at Pallastreet, on the 19th of July 2014.

My lovely bride Reva, posing with her bouquet before her entry My Lovely Bride Reva, posing before her entry, which was to the music of
Fanfare for the Common Man, by Aaron Copeland.
Bride and Groom taking their vowsTaking our vows.

The bride and groom sign the register.Signing the register: It’s now official!

The bride and groom kiss at the registration table in the company of the groom's grandchildrenYou may kiss the bride.
Accompanied by the Groom’s grandchildren.

The bride and groom walk down the isle, hand in hand, Jubilant!The Bride and Groom – Jubilant!
The staff at Tavistock Town Hall were excellent.
Incidentally, because the hall is owned by the council, you do not have to pay extra for the registrars.

Wedding marquee at Pallastreet FarmOur wonderful venue at Pallastreet Farm near Tavistock, which is available for holidays and functions.
Marquee from Hine Marquees.

Outside for a break. Young children playing on the grass, with bubbles from a bubble machine.Time out for play. It was a glorious day!

Guests gather round the swimming poolGuests gather round the pool for the speeches.

The best man's speech by the poolKeefe, my son delivers the Best Man’s speech by the pool.

The best man holds up a red onion“David is like an onion. He has many layers!”

Best man wraps a colourful scarf under his chin and over the top of his head“And he can also be very embarrassing!” Relating to when I wore a scarf over the top of my head while I was cycling with him once, to keep my head warm.

Bride and groom laughing at the best man's jokes.One of the best ‘Best Man’s speeches’ I have ever heard!
My son knows me So well!

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