Psychotherapy – Psychotherapist in Plymouth

Psychotherapy is one of the favourite ways of dealing with more long term or serious emotional problems. It was the first form of therapy that I studied and its insights still bring breadth and depth to my work.

I studied Jungian and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, David Gordon’s Metaphor Therapy and I have read widely on others, including the work of Freud and Reich. I also received extensive psychotherapy work myself, which brought about insights and improvements in my life in my late 30s.

I now use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as my main way of working as it is often a lot quicker and more thorough. Even so, I still use the principles of psychotherapy to enhance my work and to bring enriched understanding to my clients.

One problem with psychotherapy is that most psychotherapists will try to get you to go into and face negative emotions. The idea is meant to be that you can somehow complete the emotions and come out of the other side, after which they are not supposed to trouble you again. They also believe that avoiding emotions is a form of denial and you will not be able to resolve the issues that gave rise to them. Unfortunately in practice, facing emotions often seems to re-traumatises people and actually gets in the way of resolving the issues.

In contrast, I have surprisingly comfortable and effective ways to help you to detach from disturbing and disabling emotions, or even to completely dispel them. This in turn enables you to resolve the issues that gave rise to them far more easily.

Some Psychotherapists use ‘Guided Visualisation’ which they claim is not hypnosis. However, having experienced it and knowing the structure of hypnosis, I would say it is virtually identical. I once even lost awareness of pneumatic drills about 30 feet away, while going through a guided visualisation! I am expert in both guided visualisation and hypnosis. If you want or need this kind of work, I can give it to you in either form.

So, I now use many principles gained from Psychotherapy to enrich my work, so that my clients can benefit from the breadth and depth of Psychotherapy, while enjoying the speed and effectiveness and greater comfort and fun of NLP and where requested and appropriate, Hypnosis.

Psychotherapy can often take a long time or even be ‘ongoing’. I have known some people undergoing psychotherapy for many years with little improvement. My own work can be very effective and surprisingly fast. I do charge more than most psychotherapists, but I believe that most of my clients get far more value in a much shorter time.

If you feel that the kind of therapy I offer is the right kind for you, then please feel free to contact me on the number below.