NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is becoming more and more known and accepted as one of the best forms of therapy and one of the quickest and most effective ways of dealing with emotional and psychological problems. It is also one of the very best tools for improving performance.

NLP is a way of understanding the structure of how we think. We all think according to our five senses.

  • We think in pictures, or imagination, ie. visually
  • We think by remembering and imagining sounds.
  • We think by remembering and imagining feeling sensations and also ‘feelings’ as in emotions
  • We can also remember and imagine tastes and smells, especially when we are thinking of food

We also think in what could be counted as a 6th thinking mode and that is in words – talking to ourselves inside our minds.

When you start to recognise all the different sequences and combinations of how someone thinks, you start to realise why they are so good at what they are good at, and also how they have got themselves caught up in problems inside their own minds. It is what you imagine, how you imagine it, how you talk to yourself about it and the voice tone that you use inside your mind, that sets up your moods and emotions. Once you realise what you are doing inside your mind and you know how to do it for the best effect, then problems become a lot easier and you become more successful in your life.

In fact, when someone has an emotional problem, we do not consider that there is anything wrong with the person. Even in cases such as depression, we see it as how the person’s mind has responded to a situation, rather than there being a problem with their brain. We just have to give the person’s mind a better way of dealing with the situation that led to the depression.


Modelling Effective Therapy

We call the process of decoding people’s thinking ‘Modelling’. Through modelling, NLP allows us to unravel people’s problems and make their best even better.

Because it is a study of how we think, it can include modelling the thinking patterns that work in counselling and hypnotherapy. Much of the early work in NLP was done in deciphering the thinking patterns of successful therapist such as Fritz Pearls, who started Gestalt Therapy, Virginia Satir, who did extremely effective family therapy and Dr Milton H Erickson, who was one of the most innovative and successful Hypnotherapists of his time.

This study revealed deep and intricate patterns that the therapists themselves were not aware of. It meant that you could teach these patterns to new therapists far more quickly and easily. It also meant that you could create new patterns from the basic building blocks and then do therapy more effectively. Because of this, I use NLP principle for nearly all my therapeutic and coaching work.

Effectiveness of  Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP became famous for rapidly dealing with phobias. However, it is fast and effective with virtually all habits and therapeutic situations. I use it to give help with:

And to give coaching in:

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