Counselling and Listening Skills
Counsellor in Plymouth

Counselling is excellent for simply getting something off your chest. In fact a good counsellor will know exactly when to keep quiet, not interrupt, not interpret, not question, just listen to exactly what you say and let you get it out. This is excellent for venting frustrations or for when you feel no one would or could listen to your side of things.

Once you have got things off your chest, most counsellors are trained specifically not to give advice or solutions directly. People have to feel that they can own the solutions to their problems, so most counsellors have subtle ways of helping people recognise good ways of dealing with situations. I myself also do this, but I also have some very effective ways of helping you to recognise the best solutions which are unknown to most counsellors.

As well as this, I teach you techniques to be in control of your own mind and emotions throughout the rest of your life, so you not only feel better about things, but you are in a much better state to be able to deal with situations in the outside world as they o.

Many counsellors will try to get you to face negative emotions. The idea is meant to be that once you have faced these emotions, they are not supposed to trouble you again. Unfortunately in practice, facing emotions often seems to re-traumatises people and it gets in the way of resolving the issues that caused the emotions in the first place. This in my opinion is the wrong way of working.

Instead, you need to be able to detach from disturbing emotions in order to resolve and get rid of them. I actually have many comfortable and surprisingly effective ways of dealing with unpleasant emotions and resolving the problems that gave rise to them.

And whereas counselling can often take quite a long time or even be ‘ongoing’ (ie. not getting anywhere fast but the counsellor ‘keeps trying’ -and receiving your money) my work can often be very effective and surprisingly fast. I do charge more than most counsellors, but I believe that most of my clients get far more value in a much shorter time.

If you feel that the kind of counselling I offer is the right kind for you, then please feel free to contact me on the number below.