Coaching Skills

As well as my formal coaching work, much of my therapeutic work also consists of coaching.

In my normal coaching work I can clarify a person’s direction, align their inner resources and turn on the massive power of their motivation and determination to achieve the life they want. I can also act as a mentor, keeping track of your progress and fine tuning you along the way.

My methods do not require me to have skill or knowledge of what you want to achieve. I have greatly improved people’s performance in many areas, even when I have not been expert in them. Instead, my skills are in observing and giving feedback, getting you to recognise the optimum ways of doing things and in drawing out what is hidden within you.

In my therapeutic work, not only do I guide people through resolving their problems, but at the same time I coach them into being able to do it for themselves. I then normally incorporate more general coaching to ensure their lives continue to get better from that point on.

The main areas I concentrate on for either formal coaching or therapeutic work are

  • Being in control of our own minds, moods and emotions
  • Being able to feel good and resourceful within ourselves and
  • Being able to understand, predict, communicate with, influence and gain the help cooperation and support and love from other people.

I also cover the more specific and traditional areas such as anger management, stress management, confidence, self esteem, assertiveness, communication skills, life planning, goal setting, self motivation, time management, performance coaching and how to feel good.

I have trained with Laura Berman Fortgang, one of the most prolific writers on coaching from a traditional point of view as well as with Michael Breen, formerly one of Dr Richard Bandler’s NLP co trainers. So I have a full understanding of the traditional approaches while the subjects are also based on sound NLP principles and taught and practised more effectively by using NLP techniques.