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I have many ways of resolving situations for those people who truly care for each other, respect each other and who want to overcome any difficulties and stay happily together. And for anyone, I can help you to be the ideal partner for your ideal partner – whether you have found him or her already, or you are still looking.

I myself have had extensive relationship counselling in the past, including Relate counselling and I have also received training from senior ex-Relate counsellors. However, unlike most Relate counsellors who work on a voluntary basis, I have been earning my living from this kind of work for over 20 years. I also have the advantage of the very effective principles and tools of NLP to make resolving situations far more easy, respectful, comfortable and far quicker than most people would expect.

The Big Question

First of all though, if you are in a relationship and having difficulties, we need to be realistic. One of the first things we need to do together is to find out if you really want to be together. Many couples have left it very late in the day and although one partner may want you to both stay together, sometimes the other is much less keen. Some people want to stay together ‘for the sake of the children’ and while this is sometimes the right choice, it can also sometimes set the wrong example to those children. If you need to move on, then I can help you both to do so respectfully and I can usually make it much more comfortable and easy for both of you and for your children, than you might have imagined.

If on the other hand, you feel you both love and truly respect each other, you want to be together and you both want to make each other feel wonderful, then however late you have left it and however desperate things might seem, reconciliation is still possible:-

There is still hope! Many relationships have come back from what seemed to have been beyond the brink.

Dealing with jealousy and distrust

Sometimes one partner has been badly let down by a previous partner being unfaithful and cheating on them. And although they know their present partner is completely true to them, they are still watching their every move and imagining all the wrong things while they are away from them.

This can obviously put a very severe strain on both of them. One partner is torturing themselves inside with worry, doubt and suspicion, while the other is on tenterhooks, afraid to be natural and afraid to keep up innocent relations with friends.

This is usually a classic phobia and so long as there is no genuine cause for concern, this can often be cleared up remarkably quickly and easily. I use a number of very effective techniques, including ways of getting the person to see calmly and clearly beyond their fears and see the true differences between their previous cheating partner and their current loyal one.

I have a separate page dedicated to dealing with jealousy, suspicion, possessiveness and distrust, as I seem to have significant success in this area.

Getting over the past

No matter what may have gone on in the past, so long as you both love and truly respect each other, I can help you or your partner to get over past hurts, respectfully move on and overcome any insecurity or jealousy.

So long as you can both learn from any mistakes in the past, your minds will tend to let go of resentments or regrets. You will understand each other far better and it will make your relationship stronger. The bad memories then tend to fade and the good ones will get more vivid. So you can look forward to cherishing them together in the future as they bring you closer together.

Better than this, I can put you both back in touch with what it was that attracted you to each other in the first place and bring you back the very best feelings you have ever had for each other.

Making things really good

Relationships - If only they could always be this good. A newly married couple kiss.

If only it could always be this good.

Once any past issues have been resolved, it is time to enjoy the present and look forward to the future.

We all know that being close with another person is not always a bed of roses, but there are many ways to deal with the challenges that come up and to make being together more and more easy, enjoyable and wonderful.

Firstly, I can help you both to understand each other far better: to understand each other’s feelings and points of view and to understand why you each act the way you do.

I can also help you both to avoid getting upset about things, whether it is general situations or something your partner is doing or has done. In fact, I can even turn any little irritations that you have about each other into wonderful reminders of how good you feel about each other.

And if your partner gets upset with you, I can help you to resolve things empathetically and respectfully, without getting upset yourself. I can help you both to see things objectively and to set up the best possible ‘Win-Win’ situations for yourselves and for that matter, for anyone else you are involved with.

Finally I can help you both to anticipate each other’s needs and desires, so that you have a deep intuitive insight into how to make each other feel really wonderful.

If these seem to be the qualities that you want to share with each other, then please feel free to ring me on the number below and find out what I can do for you.

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