Rise Above Moods and Depression

Very few people realise how many ways there are of rising above and dealing with the situations that have lead to sadness, feeling down, moods and depression. Most depression comes from frustration, from feeling stuck, from seeming to be in a no-win situation or from not being able to see things working out in the future.

I give you ways to shift the moods and to feel better about yourself regardless of the situation. This helps you to be in a better state to deal with the situation and I also give you ways to change the situations around you more easily.

Sometimes the depression is about a situation in the past that is still holding us back. It may be through fear, guilt, regret or anger or some other negative emotion. These situations can be comfortably and safely defused and resolved. Very often, by resolving a situation, you learn something very valuable, as if that learning had been trapped inside an unpleasant memory, trying to get out and trying to help you.

We can often see quite clearly in hindsight how we might have handled something in the past in a far better way. In other situations, we can see there was very little that anyone could have done differently or better and we can more easily forgive ourselves for not doing better or we can more easily accept the situation for what it was. Once you have learned from the past though, your mind will already know far better, how to handle anything similar in the future. This leads to you feeling a lot more relaxed, confident and optimistic.

Sometimes, the situation is in the present. Very often there is something we could do about a situation, but either the depression itself gets in the way or we are afraid or reluctant to face up to something. As the old saying suggests,

I can help you to have the courage and ability to change the things you can change,
The serenity and some remarkably easy ways to accept those things you simply can’t change
And to be clear enough to know the difference.

Ultimately if you are up to the challenge, I can teach you ways to feel good for no good reason at all… Other than it is good for you and things seem to go better for us when we do.

When you feel good for no good reason at all (and this is possible) then your mind is clearer, you can see opportunities more easily and you can see where you might be making mistakes sooner. When you can see your mistakes and feel safe to admit them (at least to yourself) you can more easily learn from these mistakes and see what you could have done instead and what you can do in future. This way, even your mistakes lead to greater learning and greater success. The more you can learn, the easier it is to learn how to learn more efficiently and quickly, so your learning accelerates. And the more your learning accelerates, the more you can take advantage of the new opportunities you see and the more you can achieve… And the more you can achieve, the more you can feel good, so that the more you can feel good for no good reason at all, the more you give yourself genuine reasons to feel good!

I can teach you:

  • How to be in control of your own mind, moods and emotions
  • Five ways to Feel Good
  • How to be resourceful within yourself
  • How your mind creates feelings and moods, and why
  • How to deal with negative emotions
  • How to prevent, de-fuse and overcome stress
  • How to detach from and rise above problems
  • The basis of confidence and
  • How to motivate yourself.

I can also help you with Stress management, Anger management, Confidence, Assertiveness, Self esteem, Relationships and Communication skills.

If you feel that what I offer is what you want or need, then call me on the number below.