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Site update – Thank you to SiteGround Hosting

This is mostly a technical post, though I will start with a brief simple history of my sites. In the beginning I started in December 2004 when I transferred from my previous site which I had been running … Continue reading →

0800 5875290 Spam Texts

0800 5875290 is a text to voice service for landlines with phones that do not receive or display texts. This is a legitimate number and it is normally perfectly reasonable. If someone texts your landline, the exchange converts the text to an … Continue reading →

Assertiveness? Be willing to be Unreasonable

Having just done an exhilarating session teaching assertiveness yesterday, I came across this excellent article in The Guardian from Saturday 10th of January 2015 on How to get what you want: top negotiators on the tricks of their trade. Five experts at … Continue reading →

Water water

Everywhere… and maybe too much to drink A while ago, I came across a post in Dr Margaret McCartney’s blog where she points out that an advert on the British Medical Journal website for Hydration for Health was actually sponsored by Danone … Continue reading →

Bowen Technique

And Nuerostructural Integration Technique – NST The Bowen Technique is a form of bodywork where the practitioner gently rolls or pushes the skin over tendons at the ends of muscles. The action is like gently plucking a guitar string in … Continue reading →

Warning Twoo

Just a warning about Twoo. A very trusted friend ‘purportedly’ invited me to an application on FaceBook called ‘Twoo’. I almost never subscribe to applications on FaceBook, but because she was a very trusted friend, I thought it might something … Continue reading →

Life isn’t about finding yourself

I came upon this quote today. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw I sometimes get a bit annoyed by the New Age concept of finding ourselves. Many people have wasted years of their … Continue reading →