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Centre yourself for Poise, Strength,
Presence, Confidence and Clarity.
Look good, feel good and be stronger.

This is a way to improve your confidence, clarity and to generally feel good. It also improves your poise, body language and how other people sense your presence, so it also makes you look good.

It is a martial arts visualisation technique called Hara, Dan-Tien or One Point. A martial artist needs to be centred around his centre of gravity, especially if he is going to do flips. He also needs to be strong and resilient in his core, without any undue tension. Instead of the other titles, for our own convenience, as you will be imagining a ball of energy, I will unsurprisingly call it ‘Energy Ball’.

You can use this standing up, sitting down or in any position, whether still or moving. However to set it up and practice it, I will suggest you start by doing it standing up.

Gather all your thoughts together
as if you are bringing them all together into one point of awareness in your head and

Move this point of awareness down from your head to your abdomen.

Imagine a ball of very powerful, positive energy, a little smaller than a football,
spinning quite rapidly in the middle of your abdomen.

Imagine what colour it might be and which direction it is spinning.
Any colour or direction is fine.

Imagine that this ball of energy, spinning in your abdomen,
Makes you Strong, like a Bull!

As it spins, imagine that it
Spins out streams of positive energy,

as if it is streaming off a Catherine wheel or as if it is radiating out all around your body.

Imagine it spreading all the way to the top of your head,
all the way to the tips of your fingers
and all the way to the tips of your toes.

Imagine or notice what colour this energy is as it radiates around your body.

And imagine that this energy radiating all out around your body, makes you
Solid as a Rock!
Firm as an Oak!

Notice how this changes how you feel.
Most people feel calmer, more confident, more resourceful and better in themselves
and also more solid and present in their core- and yet calmly, softly, without any tension.

Notice that you are probably more clear headed.
You can think more clearly and
You are more observant and aware of your surroundings
and you are probably seeing in relatively broad vision.

As you may know, imagination and visualisation can be very powerful. They can bring about significant changes indirectly, without us trying to achieve them directly. It is significant that by moving your awareness away from your head and into your abdomen, firstly you centre yourself and make yourself feel better and stronger- calmly, without any tension. Secondly, you relax the muscles of your jaw, tongue, face and scalp. This actually makes your head clearer and allows your mind to work more efficiently!

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