Stress Management and Avoiding Burnout

Are you not coping with life and suffering from stress? Are the pressures of work overwhelming you? Are you prone to taking too much on and are you afraid to say ‘No’? Are you having difficulty coping at home or with friends, extended family or neighbours? Are you nearly at the end of your tether, or have you even given up trying and become burned out? If so, you need the very best in stress management.

I can help you to deal with stress and to manage your workload and demanding situations. I can teach you how to prioritise and how to put aside the non-essentials in a way that they no longer bother you. I can also teach you how to be more assertive, yet in a respectful way, so that you can manage the people around you, manage their expectations, enlist their cooperation and assistance and be able to say ‘No’ when necessary, so that you can relieve the pressure and avoid being overloaded. I can teach you how to stay calm and keep your mind clear, so that you can achieve things more quickly, efficiently and effectively. In fact I have dozens of ways to deal with stress and avoid burnout and can also offer a burnout recovery programme.

Causes of stress

A lot of stress comes from not wanting to say No, from needing to prove ourselves and from wanting other people’s approval too much. On the other hand it sometimes simply comes from an urgent situation and from trying to do too many things at once. Actually most of us are capable of so much more when we feel good. The stress is counter-productive.

The methods I use go way beyond the usual stress management techniques and get to the source of the matter. Some of the methods I use are quite surprising: it is not unusual for my clients to burst out laughing, as what seemed like insurmountable problems suddenly seem to have shrunk to little mole hills.



The 2003/4 Stress and Health at Work Study (SHAW) indicated that nearly 1 in 5 of all working Stress management to stay healthy. A man goes for a health checkup.individuals thought their job was very or extremely stressful and over half a million people believed that their work related stress was making them physically ill.

Stress has been specifically implicated in heart disease, eating disorders, stroke, insomnia, ulcers, accident proneness, cancer, decreased immunity, chronic headaches, diabetes, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue.y stressful and over half a million people believed that their work related stress was making them physically ill.

In fact, estimates are that 50 to 80% of all physical disorders have psychosomatic or stress related origins (Rice, 1992).


I can teach stress management to you personally, tailoring it to your own situation, which is the quickest and most effective way, or I can teach it to a group, for instance, within a company.

It basically consists of an advanced set of personal and interpersonal management skills which are the foundation to the coping strategies that people need to overcome stress. Additionally I can facilitate you in setting your personal and work priorities in a way that streamlines your time management and is therefore likely to lower stress and prevent the risk of burnout.

Burnout recovery

For those of you who have put too much effort for too long into what you sensed was vital; pushing yourself beyond the threshold of efficiency (burnout does not happen to those who were never committed…) I have ways of enabling you to relax way below the plateau level that you thought was relaxation, so that you can far more rapidly recuperate your energies. Once you are recovered, I can help you re-asses your vision, review your strategies, learn new responses and regain your enthusiasm to take on your tasks more satisfyingly and efficiently.

The subtleties that I have learned from the most successful pioneers of NLP and from other related disciplines, and having pioneered innovations that accelerate learning the Alexander Technique, mean that I have powerful, successful and cutting edge methods unknown by over 95% of other consultants.

If these are the strategies and results that you feel you need for yourself or for your business, then feel free to call me at any reasonable time.