Performance Coaching

I use two approaches to performance coaching.

  • One is to draw out your own potential
  • The other is to use the NLP principle of Modelling

Whether in sport, music, drama, hobbies, business, work or any other skills, neither method requires me to have any significant skill or knowledge of what you want to achieve. I have greatly improved people’s performance in tennis, golf, boxing, darts and surfing, even though I do none of these. My skills are in drawing out what is hidden to most people, and yet can be made plain and easily acted on.

Drawing out your inner potential

This mobilises and streamlines your own knowledge and your own deeper inner resources, skills and strategies. Often those that you did not know that you already had, in order to to fine tune and supercharge what you were always potentially capable of achieving.

This can be very rapid. I once worked with a professional tennis player who at the time was seeded at 18th level in world ranking. After just a fifty minute session, he suddenly started beating players seeded at ninth level, i.e. about twice as good as he was previously. Similarly, an insurance agent more than doubled his business after working for only a few hours with me.


The other technique is to use the NLP principle of Modelling, whereby we draw on the beliefs, thinking patterns and behaviour of someone who is already a shining example of what you want to achieve. This often takes a bit longer, though it is useful for developing in new areas or for going significantly beyond your previous best.

One way to do this is to work directly with someone whose performance you want to emulate, especially if they are a friend or team member. This is not always possible though, but it is still possible to deduce what someone else must have been thinking and doing. This is possible either from knowing the person and from memory and experience of what they do, or from watching videos of them performing.

Your unconscious mind takes in far more information about such people and how they do what they do, than most of us realise. It is by unlocking this information that you are able to integrate it for yourself.

In practice you can combine all available options and of course you are not restricted to modelling just one person to perfect your desired area of excellence.

If you feel that this is something that can be valuable for you, then feel free to call me so we can discuss what I can do for you.