Life Coaching, Goal Setting and Time Management

Life coaching helps you to be able to clarify your direction, align your inner resources and turn on the massive power of your motivation and determination to achieve the life you want. My job is to enable you to Excel Yourself!

There seems to have been a sudden growth in the number of personal, executive and life coaches these days, usually using standardised off the shelf systems. Although these systems are often thorough, they sometimes seem to me to be a bit long winded, bringing clients back over and over again to do what is well within the client’s own capability.

My approach is more flexible, and having had over twenty years experience at the sharp end of NLP, I believe it is also more incisive. As my approach is completely flexible, between us we can select whatever is appropriate from the main areas described below.

Goal setting

This is what many people are thinking of when they are thinking of life coaching- And it’s not necessarily about how to become a millionaire within the next three months…

In fact, are luxury, wealth and power your life goals? Are they what will really satisfy you? None of these are necessarily right or wrong of course, so long as they are achieved ethically. Or how about adventure or achievement or contentment?

It is actually first of all about finding your values: what qualities are most important in your life. These are what you will want in your work, your social life and hobbies, your relationships and in how and where you live. They say that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. But if you get these basics in place then you have a guiding light to lead you through or around any obstacles and a magnet that pulls you forward to ensure that you succeed!

Once we have your values clear for you, then we can start looking at specifics. Again the idea might not be for the flashiest, the most impressive, or the most grandiose, whether that is in what you own, where you live, how you live your life, who you are with or what you do for a living. It is more about what you are going to feel really good about.

On the work front, anything that you do really well can be truly valuable to society and truly satisfying. One of my multimillionaire teachers once said “If you can’t clean the toilet (properly) then you can’t do anything.” There can be great satisfaction in doing some of the most modest things and living a simple life. Then again, it is as if when the world senses we can be trusted with little things, it will trust us with the bigger things.

However, unless you are content with simplicity or you are constructively occupying yourself with a stop gap (many very successful people apparently started in Mcdonalds) then I recommend you find yourself something that really motivates and inspires you. Some people say you should not turn a hobby into your work. I say it depends on the circumstances. Doing something you love for a disrespectful employer is heartbreaking and turning a pleasant pastime into a job makes it work not pleasure. However, being paid handsomely to do something you adore in the way you love to do it is extremely fulfilling. It is said that for anything you would gladly give your eye teeth to do for the rest of your life, there is someone being paid handsomely for it. At whatever stage in life and in whatever area, I can help you to find and acknowledge your inspiration and help you have the courage, clarity and ability to follow it.

Time management

For time management I recommend my clients read ‘No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs’ by Dan Kennedy. I have done countless time management courses, most of which have made little difference to me. This by contrast, as it implies, cuts through the B.S. I will not spoil it by giving you any of the contents, but be warned, it is not for the faint hearted. If you have read and are determined to get the value from this book, but you are finding some sticking points, then I am here to get you over them.

Having got that under your belt (though not before) and you are particularly ambitious and wish to be super efficient, then I recommend ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ by Timothy Ferriss. Following this is a work in progress for me at the moment.

Feeling Good and Effective Communication

In order to get the best out of life, I also teach the basics. The success and satisfaction we want to experience in our lives absolutely depend on

  • Being in control of our own minds, moods and emotions
  • Being able to feel good and resourceful within ourselves and on-
  • Being able to understand, predict, communicate with, influence and gain the help cooperation and support and love of other people.

No amount of goal setting, time management, or performance coaching will help us unless these are first in place.

In order for you to be in control of your own mind, I can teach you

  • Five ways to Feel Good!
  • How your mind creates feelings and moods, and why
  • How to deal with negative emotions
  • How to prevent, de-fuse and overcome stress
  • How to detach from and rise above problems
  • The basis of confidence and
  • How to motivate yourself.

On the communication side, I can teach you

  • The subtle secrets of rapport
  • How to get people’s attention
  • Respectful assertiveness and how to take over the lead
  • Handling difficult people
  • How to detach and avoid taking things personally
  • How to see things from the other person’s point of view
    and know how to put your own point of view across more effectively
  • Seeing and setting up the best possible ‘Win-Win’ situation
    and the importance of ‘Win-Win or No Deal!’
  • Why it is so important to be willing to be unreasonable.
  • How to make people feel good
    and how to inspire and motivate them.
  • Simple yet surprisingly effective communication patterns.

Specific subjects

As you will have seen, I also cover many specific coaching subjects. For your convenience, the links are below.

If you have already come across NLP before, you may be surprised at some of the novel approaches and the subtleties within the techniques that you are familiar with. These are the differences that make the differences!

If you feel that my approach and what I have to offer are what you want or need, then call me and find out what we can achieve together.