Coaching and Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you to be able to clarify your direction, align your inner resources and turn on the massive power of your motivation and determination to achieve the life you want. My job is to enable you to Excel Yourself!

There seems to have been a sudden growth in the number of personal, executive and life coaches these days, usually using standardised off the shelf systems. Although these systems are often thorough, they sometimes seem to me to be a bit long winded, bringing clients back over and over again to do what is well within the client’s own capability. My approach is more flexible, and having had over twenty years experience at the sharp end of NLP, I believe it is also more incisive.

As my approach is completely flexible, between us we can select whatever is appropriate from the main areas listed above.

If you have already come across NLP before, you may be surprised at some of the novel approaches and the subtleties within the techniques that you are familiar with. These are the differences that make the differences!

If you feel that my approach and what I have to offer are what you want or need, then call me and find out what we can achieve together.