Business Coaching

Individual Business Coaching

I offer individual coaching in a business setting in

  • NLP skills
  • Stress and burnout prevention and burnout recovery
  • Personal and career development and
  • Performance coaching

I am also available for stop smoking sessions and sessions on weight loss.
Additionally I am available for personal consultations within a work setting to overcome individual problems and challenges.

NLP Coaching

I am able to coach you in all aspects of NLP, especially the subjects mentioned above and those mentioned in the business training section and I will customise my coaching for individual managers and key workers. I can work with individuals or still coach intensively with groups of up to six well matched participants.

Stress and Burnout Prevention and Recovery

A stressed man goes for a medical check up.The 2003/4 Stress and Health at Work Study (SHAW) indicated that nearly 1 in 5 of all working individuals thought their job was very or extremely stressful and over half a million people believed that their work related stress was making them physically ill.

Stress has been specifically implicated in heart disease, eating disorders, stroke, insomnia, ulcers, accident proneness, cancer, decreased immunity, chronic headaches, diabetes, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue.

In fact, estimates are that 50 to 80% of all physical disorders have psychosomatic or stress related origins (Rice, 1992).

The personal and interpersonal management skills which I teach in my courses are a foundation to the coping strategies that people need to overcome stress.

Additionally I can facilitate people in setting their personal and business priorities in a way that streamlines their time management and is therefore likely to lower stress and prevent the risk of burnout.

For those often essential individuals who have put too much effort for too long into what they sensed was vital; pushing themselves beyond the threshold of efficiency (burnout does not happen to those who were never committed…) I have ways of enabling them to relax way below the plateau level that they thought was relaxation, so that they can far more rapidly recuperate their energies. Once they are recovered, I can help them re-asses their vision, review their strategies, learn new responses and regain their enthusiasm to take on their tasks more satisfyingly and efficiently.

The subtleties that I have learned from the most successful pioneers of NLP and from other related disciplines, and having pioneered innovations that accelerate learning the Alexander Technique, mean that I have powerful, successful and cutting edge methods unknown by over 95% of other consultants.

Personal And Career Development

There seems to be a sudden growth in the number of personal and ‘executive’ coaches these days using turnkey off the shelf systems. Although the middle management or HR background that many of them have is very useful in the context of work related coaching, it does not usually give them the depth, flexibility and insight afforded by over twenty years at the sharp end of NLP.

It is this experience:

  • That gives an extra dimension to setting your goals in a way that they are much more likely to fulfil your true inner desires;
  • Will often enable you to find surprising, unexpected solutions to achieving what you want (especially where the known conventional solutions have already failed to produce the desired result);
  • That will enable you to realistically build stronger and more reliable bridges between where you are now and where you want to be;
  • And will streamline how you manage your priorities, your time and your resources.

Remember, I am a facilitator, not someone who thinks he knows what is best for your life or your business. I draw on and draw out your own vast store of inner wisdom in order to enable you to excel yourself and make your life wonderful.

Performance Coaching

I use two approaches to performance coaching.

  • One is to mobilise and streamline your own knowledge and your own deeper inner resources, skills and strategies that you often did not know that you already had, in order to to fine tune and supercharge what you were always potentially capable of achieving.
  • The other is to use the NLP principle of Modelling, whereby we draw on the beliefs, thinking patterns and behaviour of someone who is already a shining example of what you want to achieve.

Neither method requires me to have any significant skill or knowledge in what you want to achieve: I have greatly improved people’s performance in tennis, golf, boxing, darts and surfing, even though I do none of these. My skills are in drawing out what is hidden to most people, and yet can be made plain and easily acted on.

The first can be very rapid. I once worked with a professional tennis player who at the time was seeded at 18 th level in world ranking. After just a fifty minute session, he suddenly started beating players seeded at ninth level, i.e. about twice as good as he was previously. Similarly, an insurance agent more than doubled his business after working for only a few hours with me.

The second often takes somewhat longer, though it is useful for developing in new areas or for going significantly beyond your previous best.

Although I do not consider myself qualified to conduct sales training (though I do convert a high proportion of my enquiries) this second method is excellent for bringing members of a sales team close to, or sometimes even exceeding the standard of the most successful performers!

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If you feel that what you have been reading about can be useful for your key workers and valuable for your company overall, then feel free to call me so we can discuss what I can do for you.