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And Nuerostructural Integration Technique – NST

The Bowen Technique is a form of bodywork where the practitioner gently rolls or pushes the skin over tendons at the ends of muscles. The action is like gently plucking a guitar string in slow motion. After a short sequence, your practitioner will leave you for a while for your body to adjust itself, before they do the next sequence. Overall, it has the effect of your muscles resetting and rebalancing themselves. It can produce profoundly deep relaxation.

I was so impressed by this technique some years ago, that I started training as a practitioner. However I no longer practise it, as to be as good and flexible at it as I wanted, required more commitment than I could give along with my other work. I am therefore providing this page as information and to bring together the various registers of practitioners.

It was developed by Thomas Ambrose Bowen (Tom Bowen) who lived in Australia from 1916 to 1982. Unfortunately, he never recorded the details of his technique, so it was down to various observers to record what he did. These different recorders have taught their own versions of his work according to their own observation, interpretation and development. Therefore there are several ‘schools’ of Bowen Technique work, though they are all very similar and all very effective.

It is useful for a wide range of muscular, skeletal and joint related problems. I have found it especially useful for managing my left hip joint which was broken in 1993. The muscles around that joint now have a lot less leverage and have to work a lot harder and sometimes go into spasm as a result. It also successfully resolved two frozen shoulders in succession for me and came out very well for clearing up frozen shoulder in medical research. It is excellent for dealing with back pain, neck pain, including from whiplash, and is especially good for dealing with jaw movement, alignment and clicking problems (temporomandibular joint or TMJ problems.)

Because of its deeply relaxing nature, it is also being investigated to help with Parkinson’s disease, asthma, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, nervous ticks, anxiety, chronic fatigue and to improve sports performance.

Bowen technique links

Possibly the earliest modelling was done by Oswald and Elaine Rentsch who can be found at in Australia. You can search for their practitioners worldwide here.
The Bowen Association UK at are their UK representatives. Their therapist search is here.

The College of Bowen Studies has a website at
Their practitioner search is here.

Neurostructural Integration Technique or NST claims to be an advanced form of the Bowen Technique, based on modelling Bowen’s work much later in his life when he had developed it further. It does seem to include some useful refinements which can be useful when dealing with specialist conditions. NST can be found at and their practitioners worldwide can be found here.

The Bowen Therapy Professional Association claims to be “An independent organisation of Bowen Therapists, run by Bowen Therapists.” They are at and their therapist finder is here.

There are lists of research papers on Bowen Technique at: and

Finally, there is Bowen for dogs at
And Bowen for horses at

PS. If you are in Plymouth, or anywhere near in Devon or Cornwall, UK, I highly recommend
Susan Mahon
01752 298217
[email protected]
Who is qualified to the highest level in both Bowtech and NST.

I hope this is useful.

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