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Video about how body language can change your mood, hormones and success.

This is a TED Talk video on YouTube.

We have always known that body language and posture can change your mood, but here is a scientific experiment that shows that by adopting either a strong, dominant or a weak, submissive posture, it changes not just your confidence, but also your hormones and even your chances of success.

It is just over 20 minutes and well worth watching all through, though the science part starts at 8 minutes and 50 seconds.

The results were that testosterone increased 20% and and the stress hormone cortisol decreased 25% after adopting a powerful posture for only two minutes.

Conversely, testosterone decreased by about 10% and cortisol increased by 15% after adopting a weak posture for just two minutes.

People who had adopted a strong posture also did much better in very tough simulated interviews. This is very obviously an excellent way to look good, feel good and get good results!

As an Alexander Teacher however, I notice that people were being ‘told’ to adopt postures. If these people were able to naturally relax, naturally loosen up and expand and to let their natural poise carry them, then they would look good and have much better physical presence, without trying or forcing their own posture and they would be able to get all the benefits automatically.

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