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Stop Smoking for Good
The Natural Easy Way
Rapidly and easily learn the Alexander Technique

Loosen Up page on Facebook

Links to External Resources

My Twitter Account. @davidaowen
NLP Practitioner and Alexander Teacher with an interest in the fascinating, the obscure and the unusual.
Not the liveliest account on the planet, but ‘Hey!’

My MetaFilter Account.
A community WebLog and respected community forum Ask Meta Filter otherwise known as AskMeFi.
(I haven’t posted there much yet.)
Some of the very best NLP and hypnotherapy professionals in the world.
Any member of this team has the knowledge, ability and experience to simply get the job done for you.
The National Council for Hypnotherapy. My Hypnotherapy governing body.

NLP Life Training
This is Paul McKenna’s NLP training company, where he co trains with Dr Richard Bandler, John Lavalle and Michael Neill. If anyone is thinking of training in NLP, THIS is my recommendation.

Paul McKenna
This is Paul McKenna’s own site with books and CDs etc.

The Hypnotherapist Register
Comprehensive register of hypnotherapists in the UK.

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, through which I qualified as an Alexander Teacher.

Therapy and Trade Directories

Holistic Local– Join an active community that is uniting people who are passionate about holistic, green and positive living.