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Site update – Thank you to SiteGround Hosting

This is mostly a technical post, though I will start with a brief simple history of my sites. In the beginning I started in December 2004 when I transferred from my previous site which I had been running … Continue reading →

0800 5875290 Spam Texts

0800 5875290 is a text to voice service for landlines with phones that do not receive or display texts. This is a legitimate number and it is normally perfectly reasonable. If someone texts your landline, the exchange converts the text to an … Continue reading →

Assertiveness? Be willing to be Unreasonable

Having just done an exhilarating session teaching assertiveness yesterday, I came across this excellent article in The Guardian from Saturday 10th of January 2015 on How to get what you want: top negotiators on the tricks of their trade. Five experts at … Continue reading →

Skin Cancer caused by Lack of Sun

I visited a friend recently who has started living on a boat. As a casual comment, seeing people around the boatyard with healthy tans, he queried “I wonder if these people get more skin cancer?” My reply was cagey, as … Continue reading →

Water water

Everywhere… and maybe too much to drink A while ago, I came across a post in Dr Margaret McCartney’s blog where she points out that an advert on the British Medical Journal website for Hydration for Health was actually sponsored by Danone … Continue reading →

Bowen Technique

And Nuerostructural Integration Technique – NST The Bowen Technique is a form of bodywork where the practitioner gently rolls or pushes the skin over tendons at the ends of muscles. The action is like gently plucking a guitar string in … Continue reading →

Body Language

Video about how body language can change your mood, hormones and success. This is a TED Talk video on YouTube. We have always known that body language and posture can change your mood, but here is a scientific experiment that shows … Continue reading →


How to Teach your Children And Improve Yourself! If you are teaching a little one to read, then use the finger pointing method mentioned in the previous post about spelling. In other words, as you read to a young child, point … Continue reading →

Spelling Strategy

Learn how to spell with the NLP spelling strategy. Someone recently emailed me, asking about the best way to learn to spell. She sounds like she is form the far East, but is now in America. Here is my reply. … Continue reading →

Warning Twoo

Just a warning about Twoo. A very trusted friend ‘purportedly’ invited me to an application on FaceBook called ‘Twoo’. I almost never subscribe to applications on FaceBook, but because she was a very trusted friend, I thought it might something … Continue reading →

Delta Trance

For Deep Relaxation Sleep and Refreshment. Delta trance is a very fast and easy way to calm yourself down, relax and either go to sleep or to rest and refresh yourself as if you had slept, without actually sleeping, if … Continue reading →

Sleep Patterns

Get to sleep quickly, stabilise sleep patterns, sleep well, wake refreshed and maximise your sleep. There are many different opinions about sleeping, how much sleep we need and the best ways to get it. Some people only seem to need … Continue reading →

Energy Ball

Centre yourself for Poise, Strength, Presence, Confidence and Clarity. Look good, feel good and be stronger. This is a way to improve your confidence, clarity and to generally feel good. It also improves your poise, body language and how other … Continue reading →

Life isn’t about finding yourself

I came upon this quote today. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw I sometimes get a bit annoyed by the New Age concept of finding ourselves. Many people have wasted years of their … Continue reading →