Testimonials for David Owen of Excel Yourself

These are some of the testimonials I have received. Please feel free to call me on the number above if you want to discuss what you want and what I can do for you.

From depression to “A new person”

I would like to say that the service I have received from Excel Yourself has been life changing for me. I have suffered with severe depression for many years. David is a true gentleman and has helped me deal with a lot of life difficulties and has helped me come to terms with things. Since seeing David I have felt like a new person having a fresh start. I highly recommend this service.

Mrs T G. Plymouth

3 Years since smoking

Dear David

Hope this card finds you well and busy helping others give up smoking. I’ve still never had any cravings to want to smoke since your help 3 years ago. I’ve got my weight under control and just go from strength to strength.

Thank you so much my friend.
Rob M. Devon

Comfortable around people still smoking

In the video below, Alex had stopped smoking three weeks before in September 2011. He was thinking about it less and less and was also comfortable around lots of friends who still smoked. When I contacted him, he was still clear of it over a year later.

You can find this and other videos on YouTube at http://youtu.be/jYir_oXjDhU

Go to my stop smoking site if you would like more information.

28 Years of panic attacks

I had been having frequent panic attacks, sometimes every day for the past 28 years. This meant I didn’t dare go far from the house and it got to the stage where I couldn’t bear to be with people.

Within just a couple of sessions, the panic attacks disappeared: I felt one coming on a couple of days after that and I battled with it for about 20 minutes before I remembered how to deal with it and it disappeared almost instantly- That was the last one.

And now, instead of feeling afraid of people, I now happily jump on a bus and go into town and I really Love it. I am always going to be grateful to David. He has totally changed my life, my husband and I are so much happier together, I can handle the day to day problems and I now have a life!

Carrie, Plymouth

Panic attacks – Italy

I was suffering of panic attacks, for 3 years panic attacks were with me every night.

In 30 minutes with David through skype (and my bad english 🙂  it just disappeared. I did some live exercices with him and suddenly (really: suddenly) I felt a very strange and new sensation and I started to laugh: It was so strange to accept that in a so simple process I could stop forever the attacks. It was 9 months ago and no panic attacks anymore.

Sr. (Mr) T F. TV Presenter, Italy

Painful memories resolved

Dearest David

I just wanted to thank you and share with others the joy I have experienced in not being bogged down with painful memories any more thanks to you.

Without having to go into all the traumatic details, you helped me step outside of myself and realise I am a separate person from all the hurt and pain in my life. This has helped me tremendously to move forward and draw strength from being freed from them.

I may not have understood many of your techniques, but there is no doubt that they work! I no longer have the nightmares or feel the crippling fear that used to be a part of my everyday life for so long. Thanks once again, I am forever in your debt.

With Love

Carol (South Devon)