David Owen


Picture of David Owen, smiling.Full name: David Allen Owen. Born: Blackpool 1949
Practising the Alexander Technique, Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP since 1990.

(Not to be confused with David Owen, the NHS counsellor working in the South Hams – and no relation to Lord David Owen.)

My Background

In my childhood I was always fascinated by how people behaved and what made us tick. Unfortunately my education was rather a disaster, so it put paid to following those interests at the time. So prior to my training in the Alexander Technique, NLP and Hypnosis, I had a 20 year career in business, the health service and engineering.

It culminated in working for 8 years as an engineer with the BBC in Cardiff. This included work on TV outside broadcasts, TV studio electronics and Special Electronic Video Effects
Working "In the Gallery." People working in a TV studio gallery.(making people disappear etc) for which I received national credits. I also trained in producing and directing TV programmes.

My interest in self development restarted in 1984 when I took the infamous ‘est’ training (a bit like two weekends with the personal development Gestapo.) It gave me a whole new sense of possibility, but I seemed unable to put much of it into practice until I started having lessons in the Alexander Technique. This truly revolutionised my life.

At that time I also got involved with the Hunger Project: an educational charity in the days before Live Aid and for two years was the South Wales voluntary regional organiser.

In 1987 I was so impressed with the Alexander Technique, that despite my superb and very well paid job in the BBC, I left and went to train as an Alexander Technique Teacher to share its benefits. It was during this training that I became even more fascinated by Psychology and Psychotherapy and in the course of this I came across NLP and through that, Hypnosis and EFT.

I am passionate about my work. It is one of the world’s greatest privileges to be able to genuinely help people, especially when they achieve such great victories and breakthroughs in their lives.


My training has included

  • 3 years training as an Alexander Teacher, Dartington, 1987 to 1990
    Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) qualified
  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy: TP. Psychotherapy Centre. Culmstock. 1988 to 1989
  • Person Centred Counselling: Exeter College 1990
  • NLP Diploma with John Seymour Associates 1990
  • Hypnosis and NLP, Harrisonian Institute 1992
  • NLP Practitioner and
  • NLP Skills for Trainers with John Seymour Associates in 1994
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP Diploma with British Hypnosis Research 1995 to 1996
  • NLP Master Practitioner with Sensory Systems Training in 1996

I then took courses with Paul McKenna, Michael Breen and Dr Richard Bandler, the creator of NLP as follows

  • NLP Licensed Practitioner 1997
  • NLP Licensed Master Practitioner 1997
  • DHE Licensed Practitioner 1997
  • Personal Coaching Course, Michael Breen 1997
  • NLP Licensed Trainer 1999
  • Personal Enhancement Workshop, Richard Bandler 2000
  • DHE Level II 2001
  • Learning Hypnosis In Depth, Michael Breen 2001
  • Training Design and Facilitation, Michael Breen 2001
  • Licensed NLP Business Practitioner Course, Michael Breen 2001

I have since assisted extensively on their courses (15 since 2000) to the point where I am on first name terms with each of them.

I have also trained as a Licensed ‘Phoenix/Courtville System’ Smoking Cessation Specialist, trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and taken over 40 other relevant courses, bringing my total Alexander Technique, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and NLP related training to well over 4600 hours.

This puts me among the most experienced and highly qualified practitioners in the whole of Devon and Cornwall, which means that if anyone can help you, I probably can.

Training Others

I have presented many public NLP trainings, including four full NLP Practitioner courses.

I have also done business coaching, NLP training and facilitation in IT recruitment, telephone sales, schools, the health service & the construction industry. I was also one of the main authors of iSuccess: a comprehensive and versatile business and NLP training product.

I am now writing a book for people to get the maximum benefit in the absolute minimum of time from the Alexander Technique. If you would like to keep up to date with developments on this, then go to http://www.facebook.com/HowToLoosenUp if you are on Facebook and click the Like button.

Professional Memberships

  • Accredited Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy
  • Licensed ‘Phoenix/Courtville System’ Smoking Cessation Specialist
  • The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Licensed Trainer and Licensed Master Practitioner

Personal Life

I am married to my wonderful wife Reva. I have two (I believe) wonderful children and seven marvellous energetic grand children. My daughter set up a community project producing organic food and my son is an assistant church minister.

At Apollo's temple at 'See-Day' (spelled S I D E) in Turkey for the total eclipse of the sun, March 2006Interests

As well as my continued study in, and enthusiasm for my work:

I love travel, experiencing different cultures, seeing magnificent scenery, exploring ancient ruins, admiring splendid or unusual architecture, savouring exotic foods, swimming in clear warm waters and meeting interesting people.

The picture shows me at Apollo’s temple at Side (Pronounced Seeday) in Turkey for the total eclipse of the sun of the 29th of March 2006; which was spectacular.

I have done gliding, hang-gliding, a little bit of flying and interested in gyrocopters. I have also done sailing, boating and canoeing and like to wander the Tamar and the nearby coast.

I like a wide range of music from serious classical, through to Latin and up to date popular, with diversions into ethnic on the way. I also like to dance, including Salsa, Merenge and Tango.