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0800 5875290 is a text to voice service for landlines with phones that do not receive or display texts.

This is a legitimate number and it is normally perfectly reasonable. If someone texts your landline, the exchange converts the text to an artificial voice message and phones you up from this number to ‘speak’ the text to you.

But who on earth in their right mind would send a text message to your landline? I mean, if you want to send someone a text, you know by the code if it is a landline and you just phone them instead. Maybe if it is an absolute emergency and they are just not answering and they don’t have any answering service, then and only then, might you think of texting them, so that this service will keep ringing them until they pick up your message.

However, most texts to landlines are from spammers, marketers, stalkers, debt recovery firms and other nuisance callers. They LOVE automatically sending you messages at inconvenient hours and they seem to know that your phone will keep ringing until you answer it and you receive their insidious message.

As per Money Saving Expert “Normally to stop it : From your landline, dial another BT Freephone Number 0800 587 5252. Select Option 1, then Option 5 to disable all messages. Your request should be activated within 30 minutes.” If like me, you have your landline calls diverted to your mobile smart phone, also add 0800 5875290 to your blocked number list.

I hope this was useful. For the last few months, I have no longer had this problem.

(Other versions 08005875290 or 0800 587 5290)

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